Sunday, September 15, 2013

DIY: Baby Shower Beverage Carrier Gift

A friend of mine had a baby and I gave her this gift at her shower.  I got the idea on Pinterest (where else!?) and just adapted it to fit.

You start with a beverage carrier - I used a six pack of IBC root beer.  I decided to make the carrier dual purpose - 1 side for baby bath stuff and the other side for mommy spa stuff.

It was a huge hit at the shower... here's how you can make your own version!


  • 1 beverage carrier (could use any 6-pack soda carrier or Starbucks frap 4-pack)
  • 4 + sheets coordinating scrapbook paper (I used 12x12)
  • stencil or die cut machine and another sheet of paper, or sticker letters
  • ribbon (I used 1 [12-in] piece of ribbon, mainly just to attach the tag, since it was for a baby boy. If it were for a girl, I would have used a lot more ribbon to make it girlie)
  • Glue, photo sticker squares, or double sided tape
  • pencil
  • paper cutter or scissors

What's Inside:

For Mom...
  • 3 pairs colorful socks (you could also do slipper socks or exfoliating gloves)
  • nail polish
  • good smelling foot scrub
  • soothing foot lotion
  • lip gloss (shimmery!)
  • lip balm
  • buttermilk bath soak
  • pummice stone
For Baby...
  • 4 washcloths
  • baby comb
  • baby bath wash/shampoo
  • baby oil
  • baby lotion
  • 3 pairs cute baby socks
  • baby buttermilk bath soak
  • diaper ointment


1. Place the beverage carrier skinny side down on your scrapbook paper and trace around it.  Repeat so you'll end up with 2 side pieces.  Cut the side pieces out and stick to the skinny sides of the beverage carrier with glue or double sided tape.

2. Place the beverage carrier long side down on a piece of scrapbook paper and trace around it.  Repeat so you'll end up with a front and back piece. Cut the front and back pieces out and stick to the front and back of the beverage carrier with glue or double sided tape.

3. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the top of the beverage carrier (around the handle part).  Holding the paper on one side of the handle area, trace where the handle hole is, then cut the hole out. Repeat for the other side of the handle.  Attach the paper to the handle area with glue or double stick tape.

4. Cut 2 rectangles in contrasting scrapbook paper for the front and back of the beverage carrier.  I recommend making the rectangles the same length as the front/back, but about 1.5 inches shorter.  Attach the rectangles to the center of the front and back sides using glue or double sided tape.


5. Attach letters to the front/back sides, spelling out "For Mom" on one side and "For Baby" on the other side.

6. Decorate the front/back sides with additional contrasting scrapbook paper, stickers, decals, or embellishments, if desired.

7.  Fill the beverage carrier with things for mom on one side and things for baby on the other side (see list above for what I included in my gift!).

8. Attach a card or tag to the handle of the beverage carrier with ribbon. No need to wrap this gift!

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