Saturday, January 23, 2016

Project Date Night '16: January

We enjoyed Project Date Night so much last year, we've decided to do it again this year. Our theme this year will be "Cheap or Free", so we'll be doing mostly at home dates. I am saving up for one bigger date out, maybe for our anniversary or Christmas.

Our best "Scared of Dinosaurs" faces.

To start off our year with a roar, we stayed in and did the Jurassic World date from Dating Divas. M had been wanting to see the movie anyway, so when I saw this date on the Dating Divas' website, it was a no-brainer.

Our best "Hungry T-Rex" faces. While trying not to laugh.

The Details
It was a super easy date to throw together.  I printed off the food tags, signs, tickets and prediction sheet from Dating Divas and whipped up some snacks for us to munch on.

I taped my labels onto appetizer forks I had sitting in a drawer and wedged them onto the edge of my serving dish. Perf!

Too cute, right?

Before we watched the movie, we took a minute to predict a few things about the movie... like... how many times does a dinosaur roar? How many cars get smashed? How many times is the phrase "Genetically Modified" used? We totally flunked it. Turns out, we only got one prediction right. Funny how it makes you pay attention to the small details, though.

The Menu
  • Carnivore:  Spicy Crispy Bacon (I slathered some taco seasoning on slices of bacon and cooked it on low in my cast iron skillet to render out the fat without burning the meat. Results were really crispy spicy bacon! YUM!)
  • Herbivore:  Salt & Pepper Kale Chips (I love Oh She Glows' master recipe. Simple, crunchy and delicious. Oh, and my kiddo loves them. You try feeding leafy greens to a toddler. Winner!)
  • Omnivore:  Cookies... Yep, dinosaurs eat cookies... at least they do at my house. I made a slice-and-bake version of the gingerbread boys and girls cookie recipe in Everyday Grain-Free Baking cookbook I got for Christmas. LOVE that cookbook. Although, next time, I will use more molasses!
  • Beverage:  Martinelli's sparkling apple cider (by request, M loves this stuff. Although getting the bottle open is always a challenge, because we can never remember to buy a bottle opener.) Oh well. The sparkly-ness went well with the spicy ginger cookies!

Mini Movie Review
If you're a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, you'll love this movie. If you're not a fan, you'll probably hate this movie. If you're indifferent (like me), then you might actually enjoy the movie (I did).

It was very action packed (although a little over the top) and I thought Chris Pratt did a phenomenal job as a "dinosaur trainer". There's lots of action, and barely any romance, so it's more of a guy movie, but we both enjoyed it. Check out the trailer here.

So there you have it!

Cost: free (I count the food in the grocery budget and I used a code for a free Redbox DVD rental. Yay!)
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