Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stuffing a Thrifty Stocking

We decided to do stocking stuffers for our family Christmas gathering this year.  This is the first time since I've been married that 1.) we're celebrating the holidays with family instead of hither and yon in some hotel room, and 2.) we're doing stockings.

Typically, stocking stuffers at my house growing up consisted of CANDY, a few fun items, and a few practical items (think toothbrush, chapstick, etc.).  M's family was the same way. But, now we're all grown up and can't rely on lifesaver books (remember those?!), chocolate coins, and candy canes to fill up the stockings.

Although, I wouldn't be opposed to candy... hint, hint!

Here's a few suggestions for stuffing a thrifty stocking:
    1. Check out the Dollar Store
     They often have nice items for (you guessed it!) $1.  Our Dollar Tree offers brand name cosmetics, bath salts, fuzzy socks, and travel size hair products, as well as a few craft supplies (such as stickers, ribbon, die cuts, and stamp pads).

    Sunday, December 15, 2013

    The Ry Guy Report: 6 Months

    Weight 17.25 lbs

    Length 25.5 inches

    • Rolled over from tummy to back on Nov. 22!
    • Sits up pretty well on his own, but still wobbly and falls over sometimes.
    • Teething like crazy.
    • Chews on everything in sight.
    • Can play on his tummy for longer periods of time now.

    • To sit up in his high chair seat and interact with the family at the dinner table (or play with his toys).
    • Grabbing for everything within (or close to) his reach.
    • Drooling.
    • Squealing with glee.
    • Bathtime.

    • His last nap of the day.
    • Teething.
    • Strangers in hats.

    The Quotable Ry Guy  "[ear piercing shriek] or [belly laugh]".  "Hmmmm... [blurble]".

    "This one's for me, right?"

    Sunday, December 1, 2013

    30 Before 30 Update: November 2013 Edition

    How was November for you? Jam-slammed busy? No? Mine was.  Seemed like there were a million things to do! And December promises to be busy as well, although we are endeavoring to have as simple a holiday season as possible.  Still working toward my 30 Before 30 goals!

    Anyway, I did manage to cook up some new recipes and even did an overhaul on an old family favorite, whole berry cranberry sauce.  One step closer to completing my Recipe File Makeover.  I do have to concede that there are a few recipes that I may not be able to overhaul, but it's a work in progress.  I ate it all before I thought about forgot to take a picture, but I plan to make it again for Christmas and you'll hear ALL about it then.  3 down, a million and a half or so to go. Ok, not that many, but still quite a few.

    We're having fun with Turkey Day leftovers, like these Cranberry Crumb Cups. YUMMMM. Pics are still forthcoming, and I'm still having issues with uploading my nutrition facts label, but working on it, I promise!

    I've also been practicing the piano just about every day, for at least a few minutes, while Ry Guy plays solo with some toys.  He's getting better at amusing himself, but for now, that means 15 minutes or so for me to do something that doesn't involve me holding him.
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