Saturday, May 19, 2012

Basic Oatmeal Pancakes

Saturday is usually the Hubby's day to sleep in. He enjoys lounging around until 10 a.m. or so. As a result, by the time he showers and is ready to eat something, it's usually closer to lunch-time than breakfast. Making pancakes together on Saturday mornings is something we really look forward to. We have many pancake recipe variations, but Basic Oatmeal Pancakes are the Hubby's favorite.

Confession: He's better at it than I am. In fact, he may or may not have the recipe memorized.

For me, there's something relaxing about measuring a few simple ingredients into a bowl...

...and knowing that although they were kind of yuck individually (for the most part), they will be mucho yummy once combined...

...and cooked, of course. This is where I am reminded that the Hubby is the expert pancake-flipper. He gets in the zone and at precisely the right moment - FLIP. Golden perfection every time. Confession (again): I am more than happy to cede the pancake flipping glory to the Hubby. I always seem to flip them too soon because I get impatient... or too late because I get distracted... although these ones turned out pretty well!

Anyway, pancakes are the Hubby's comfort food.

Whenever I'm menu planning and ask if he has a request, he ALWAYS asks for pancakes.

Of course, what would a basic pancake recipe be without toppings? Today, I ate mine with pure maple syrup.

The Hubby ate his spread with natural peanut butter, then topped his stack with a drizzle of pure maple syrup. But I was in a "back to basics" mood...

...and did I mention hungry?

Good to the last crumb!

Many thanks to my best friend, Beka, for inspiring me to add oatmeal to pancakes... it's revolutionized our pancake recipes and created an obsession of sorts. Mwah-ha-ha! You've created a monster!

Basic Oatmeal Pancakes

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  1. Thanks for making these for us on vacation! They tasted great, (and were flipped at the precise, right moment! :)



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