Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Ry Guy Report: 3 Months

Smiley little guy!
Weight  15 lbs

Length 24 inches

  • Bats at and touches toys dangled above his head... his favorite is the blue monkey that came with his vibrating infant seat (thanks, Grandma and Poppa!). 
  • Holds his head up without support.
  • Follows people with his eyes (and turns his head to watch them). 
  • Knows when Mom is (or isn't) nearby.
Likes to play with Daddy.

Dislikes wet diapers and being away from Mom.

The Quotable Ry Guy  [Giggle], hummmm (makes humming noises when he's eating or happy).


  1. What a sweetie! Miss you guys being here! Hugs, Gramma&Gramp

  2. What an adorable sweet thing!! Beka tells me you've moved on to new adventures all around!! Sounds like the Lord is blessing your happy little family!! What a joy!!

  3. Love his smiles!! Way to go on the adorable pics too.


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