Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Ry Guy Report: 16 Months

Weight 21 lbs

Height 28.75 inches

  • Can turn pages of a book unassisted
  • Is attached to a stuffed animal (Fluffy Frog!!)
  • Likes to sing
  • 'Kids Bops" (tries to dance to upbeat music)
  • Gets upset when frustrated
  • Climbs and explores
  • Is choosy about his food
  • Initiates and displays affection (loves to give mommy hugs and sloppy kisses)
  • Signs "Book", "Car", "Bath", "Eat", "Blanket", "Sleep", and "Fly"

  • Helping Mom around the house (tries to sweep and fold towels)
  • Scribbling with a pen/paper
  • Stacking/unstacking everything!
  • To imitate (words, actions)
  • Playing peekaboo
  • Being the center of attention
  • High fives!
  • Mommy's phone

  • Bad dreams
  • Walking (crawling is WAY faster)

The Quotable Ry Guy "Go!" and "Up!"

1 comment:

  1. And he knows how to call his favorite auntie!!! I didn't realize how light his hair had gotten. It makes him look more like his daddy. As always, I love and miss y'all!!!


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