Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Ry Guy Report: 18 Months

Weight  22 lb

Height  29 inches

  • Engages in imaginative play
  • Points to show something interesting
  • Says 9 words (plus does sound effects, like "ding dong" and "vroom")
  • Shows affection to familiar people
  • Knows what ordinary objects are for (like telephone, brush, shoes, spoon)
  • Points to 2 body parts (nose and belly)
  • Scribbles on his own
  • Can follow one-step requests without gestures (like "go to your chair", or "bring the basket to Daddy", etc.)
  • Walks alone
  • Drinks from an open cup
  • Eats with a spoon
  • Helps dress/undress himself
  • Enjoys filling and emptying containers
  • Wants to do everything himself

Helping Daddy vacuum!

  • Imitating Mom and Dad (cooking, talking on the phone, folding laundry)
  • Drinking coconut milk!!!
  • Almond crackers
  • "Driving" the laundry basket up and down the hallway (even does the vroom vroom noise)
  • Helping Daddy sweep the floor
  • Christmas tree & lights
  • Christmas ornaments (hasn't broken any yet, just likes taking them off the tree)

  • Miscommunication
  • Changes to his routine
  • Teething (finally got 2 new teeth!)
  • Waiting... for anything...

Big helper! Ry loves doing anything Daddy's doing.

The Quotable Ry Guy  He tries to say, "coffee", but it comes out "kah-kuff" or something to that effect.  He enjoys helping Daddy make coffee in the Keurig every morning.

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