Sunday, August 12, 2012

No Bake Cookies

I have fond memories a cookie that was the common denominator of church potlucks, family get togethers, homeschool group functions and summer camps as long as I can remember.

There were two varieties:  the classic chocolate/peanut butter combination and the just peanut butter version.  I am a fan of both.

The other day, the Hubby was planning his date night (we take turns planning) and mentioned that No Bake Cookies sounded good. I haven't tried these since we started cleaning up our diet and was a little disappointed when my google search turned up cookie recipes chock full of white refined sugar and a TON of butter.  Not that I have anything against butter.  Julia Child would be aghast if I were against butter. As if she would have known me. I digress.

I just didn't have any butter on hand.  But I did have tons a bucket of coconut oil and I feel like there's more health benefits to coconut oil than store brand cheapy butter that's been sitting in a fridge for eons.

Anyway, I finally found one recipe that was close to what I was looking for and (what else) modified it again.

So as part of our date night, the Hubby and I created this masterpiece together, which I then proceeded to photograph.  All the while, M is thinking, "Are you done yet? Can I eat them yet?"  Yes. And Yes.

And we did.  They are kind of filling, so a serving (3 cookies) about does me in.  M could eat the whole pan, but he restrained himself. Thank you, dear.

The timing was perfect.  We put together the cookies, popped them on cookie sheets and into the fridge to chill out.  Then, we proceeded with our pizza and movie (M's plans for the evening) and by the time we were done with pizza and ready for dessert, viola! Cookies were ready... to be photographed.

Poor M... the trials of being married to a fledgling food photographer. At least I didn't make him wait until I was done editing the photos, writing this post, etc.  Even I couldn't have waited that long.

He's a good sport, but he was READY to dig in as soon as I was done.  And it was worth the wait.  Yummy-ness.

Hungry yet?  If you're a die hard PB+Chocolate+Oatmeal lover (or know one) and are looking for an easy dessert that doesn't involve your oven (not in this miserable summer heat!), I highly recommend you pop on over to my recipage and check out the recipe for No Bake Cookies as soon as possible.

In my best Julia Child impression, Bon Appetit!


  1. Raye,

    These look fabulous! Beka's dad loves the orginal - think he'll notice the difference when I try to make them???? I'm having to try a gluten-free diet now, so these are PERFECT!!!

  2. They're pretty close to the original, the only difference is the coconut oil can give a slightly coconutty flavor to the cookies. I would recommend using refined coconut oil to help with that, as the coconut taste is much milder. Oh! And good for you going gluten free! I hear that can be tough to transition into, but it's totally doable. Don't forget to use certified gluten free oatmeal, and happy no-baking!

    1. Can you send a note to my email -- and explain the difference between normal oats and the certified g/f? I am doing g/f to see if I can reduce the pain level with my fibromyalgia b/c I won't do the meds and help reduce the frequency of my vertigo, so it's not for the allergy aspects. Thanks for your encouragement, Raye!


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