Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beginners Scarf

Want an easy project you can work on while traveling or watching TV?  This scarf was incredibly easy to put together.  I finished it in about 2 hours while watching a movie with the Hubby.

The easy part about this scarf is that it only requires basic stitches (single crochet and half double crochet) and it uses a HUGE crochet hook. Also, you can make it as long or short as you wish. Not complicated.

Half Double Crochet? Huh?  If you're not sure what on earth I'm talking about, check out this YouTube tutorial

What I'm doing differently is instead of putting my hook through both loops when making a stitch (normal practice), I'm working into the back loop only.

As you continue to do this (turning your work each time you get to the end of a row), you'll notice you have sort of a ribbed effect going. I think this adds a nice texture to the scarf.

Beginners Scarf

Materials Needed

  • Extra large (Q16) crochet hook (like this one)
  • 1 skein acrylic worsted weight yarn (amount needed will depend on how tightly you crochet, and how long you make your scarf.  I bought a 3-1/2 oz skein and I still have some left over.)
  • Scissors (I use blunt kids scissors - great for traveling!)


 Make a slip knot a few inches from the end of your yarn.  Chain as many as you want (I just started chaining and didn't really count.  This will be the length of your scarf, so just chain as long as you want your finished scarf to be).

Yarn over, insert your hook into the second chain from the hook and half double crochet (HDC from here on out).  Again, if you don't know what that is, watch the YouTube video I linked to above.  Repeat until the end of the row.

Chain 2.  Turn your work over, yarn over, insert your hook into the second back loop from your hook (working in the back loop only, not both) and proceed with the HDC down the row.

Repeat this process until your scarf is as wide as you want it to be.  My scarf is about 5 inches wide and long enough to wrap around my neck 2-3 times (depending on how tightly I want to wrap it or if I want the ends showing).

To give it a nice, finished edge, chain 1, turn your work and single crochet in both loops to the end of the row.

Tie a small knot as close to the end of your last stitch as you can.  Cut off your yarn, leaving a 3 inch or so tail.  Weave this tail in through your single crochet row.

Viola! All done!

Now, go pat yourself on the back for a job well done and find some cold weather so you can model your new creation.

Comment below if you need a clarification on the instructions.

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