Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Hey everyone!  It's been a crazy month of transition for us as we packed up and moved cross country. By the way, 4 days in a car with an infant is not the world's best remedy for stress or nerve issues... needless to say, all 3 of us were relieved to reach our destination.

And the transition continues as we move (again) in the near future from my parent's house to our townhouse - lease starts September 1. Fingers crossed that our landlady will give us permission to paint some of the rooms, to make it a little more "ours".

In the mean time, I wanted to let you all know about some big news in the lives of a few friends...

Daphne and I were friends in high school - she, her sister and I had some fun times together.  Along the way, we lost touch, although we've kept an eye on each other via facebook, pinterest, etc.  I was so proud and excited to see her story featured in Skin Deep Exposures magazine (starting on page 30).  As a cancer survivor, amputee, and competitive runner, Daphne has an incredible attitude and testimony.  Check out her story here!

Not too long after we moved, I happened across a brand new blog from my former co-workers.  They've begun the process of adopting a child and have started the blog to document their journey and raise funds.  As  you may know, a private adoption is an expensive, albeit rewarding, venture.  Shawn is a talented artist and designer and they've come up with these cute t-shirts to raise money for their adoption fund.  I bought a green one!  I'd encourage you to spread the word about the adoption and fundraisers so Shawn and Amanda can bring a little one home soon.  And of course, keep them in prayer as they look forward to expanding their family.   If you're interested in purchasing a t-shirt, you can do so here.  They're $15 each.

I feel a little disjointed right now since I haven't really had a way to upload photos... and I'm way behind on posts, but I hope to publish a whole slew of catch up posts as soon as we're in our new place and the computer is set up.  Bear with me!

Until we "meet" again, much love to you, readers. And thank you for your love and support during this transitional time.  Ciao!

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