Sunday, December 1, 2013

30 Before 30 Update: November 2013 Edition

How was November for you? Jam-slammed busy? No? Mine was.  Seemed like there were a million things to do! And December promises to be busy as well, although we are endeavoring to have as simple a holiday season as possible.  Still working toward my 30 Before 30 goals!

Anyway, I did manage to cook up some new recipes and even did an overhaul on an old family favorite, whole berry cranberry sauce.  One step closer to completing my Recipe File Makeover.  I do have to concede that there are a few recipes that I may not be able to overhaul, but it's a work in progress.  I ate it all before I thought about forgot to take a picture, but I plan to make it again for Christmas and you'll hear ALL about it then.  3 down, a million and a half or so to go. Ok, not that many, but still quite a few.

We're having fun with Turkey Day leftovers, like these Cranberry Crumb Cups. YUMMMM. Pics are still forthcoming, and I'm still having issues with uploading my nutrition facts label, but working on it, I promise!

I've also been practicing the piano just about every day, for at least a few minutes, while Ry Guy plays solo with some toys.  He's getting better at amusing himself, but for now, that means 15 minutes or so for me to do something that doesn't involve me holding him.

The books I read this month were:

1. Live, Love, Laugh and Laundry? by Teri Bonin.  I really enjoyed this book.  Teri is a great writer and her devotional thoughts are delivered in a warm, humorous way.  Each "chapter" is short and I was able to just pick up the book in between naptimes and other baby-related activities. The stories were right up my alley.  VERY relatable! As a homeschooling mom of nine, she definitely has some experience in running a household and keeping up with the munchkins.  I loved her take on keeping motherhood real and learning to laugh at yourself throughout the many ups and downs of life with kids.  I would recommend this book to moms, especially moms of young children. It was a good read!

2. A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Stories by Charles Dickens.  I've been trying to read more classic literature and I came across this volume on clearance last year, so I picked it up.  Confession time: I've never actually read the entire Christmas Carol.  I've seen it on stage, watched several movie versions (Muppets, anyone? My favorite version stars Patrick Stewart - He's an amazing Scrooge!) and even read an excerpt in my English literature class in school, but I've never read the entire work, start to finish. 

I must say, I enjoyed Dickens' writing style very much. He's a colorful writer and has a way of making you feel like you're part of the story.  The characters just came alive to me.  I especially liked the Ghost of Christmas Present.

The other stories in the volume, I didn't like as well - I felt like the story about the Sexton and the Goblin was a rough draft for A Christmas Carol.  It had similar themes: a gruff, "heartless" man meets a supernatural creature and learns a valuable lesson about the true meaning of Christmas.  And the "Christmas Tree" story was just weird and scattered.  But, I did like the "What Christmas is as We Grow Older" story.  So poignant and touching.

Overall, I think everyone should read A Christmas Carol.  There's a reason it's hailed a literary classic... it really is an exquisite piece of fiction. The rest of the stories I could take or leave, but I'm glad I read them at least once and I would recommend them, although not as highly as A Christmas Carol.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE "A Christmas Carol"!!! I read it every year. My favorite part is when Scrooge wakes up on Christmas Day and goes crazy celebrating.


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