Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Adventure Date: Caverns Tour

M and I went on a great day trip recently to Florida Caverns State Park.  We spent the day walking nature trails and were able to take a guided tour of the caverns approximately 65 feet underground. 

Hubby and I kind of have a thing for caves... we toured another cave in Colorado last year and loved it.

I also loved the fact that the cave is a balmy 60 ish degrees all year round. Slightly damp, but nice and cool.  Especially in Florida when it's like 80 degrees in October.

Yikes... not my best photo ever...

Here's some cool stalactites and stalagmites we saw in the cavern.   This one is called the Wedding Cake.

This one is called the Castle. Pretty cool... but more like Cinderella's ugly stepsister's castle... The pictures don't do it justice; it was actually pretty and sparkly.

There is only one column that we were allowed to touch inside the cavern.  Apparently, the oils in skin cause the cave formations to discolor and stunts their growth. I thought it was kind of slimy and gross.

Here's M looking slightly possessed... Sorry, my junk camera has a tendency to do that.  He's really not creepy in real life. :-)

The sun seemed really bright  after we left the caverns.  Apparently, my camera thought so too.

We took the long way back to the Nature Center where we dropped some coin on M's favorite souvenir:  the squished penny.  We're starting a collection...

The Nature Center also had some exhibits about the history of the park and informational videos about the wildlife, the flora, and the Native Americans that lived in the area a REALLY long time ago.

It was nice to get away from the city (and work!) for a change.  We desperately needed a brain break and stress reliever... and for the cost of a dinner out, we were able to spend a whole lot of quality time together.

Cost for Adventure Date: Caverns Tour Edition

  • Park entrance and tour:  $8 per person
  • Gas (round trip):  approximately $15
  • Souvenir penny:  $ .51

 Total cost = $31.51

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