Monday, October 1, 2012

Date Night: Mystery Box[ers] Date

I came across a "Sock Date" idea on the Dating Divas website and thought the idea behind it was pretty clever.  In that situation, the husband used funky socks for his wife... since I'm the one planning the date for the Hubby, I used something that's become our sort of inside joke over the last two years - boxers!

The night before our date, I gave him 4 pairs of boxers and
told him that each of the boxers represented a part of our date night.

#1:  Dinner
#2:  Dessert
#3, #4:  Fun Stuff!

I had to have 16 different ideas ready so this took some thinking (and shopping) ahead.  In case you're wondering... I set it up so there was no way he could pick all expensive things (for example, all the dinner ideas were about the same price range, as were all the dessert ideas, etc.)

Once he put the boxers in order, I put together the itinerary based on his choices.  For example, for dinner, the pair of boxers he picked would determine which restaurant we would eat at:

Superman = Burger Joint
Lobsters = Seafood
Hot Peppers = Mexican
Silky = Italian

For Dinner, he chose Superman, so we headed to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries.

Check out that burger action! With spicy Cajun fries.... yummmmm!

For Dessert, he chose Hot Peppers, so we stopped at Publix to pick up a pint of ice cream to share (opposite of hot peppers, but work with me here...)

Haagen Daas is my ultimate favorite chocolate ice cream

My feet at the beach!

For fun activities, he chose Lobsters and Silky, so that meant heading out to the beach for sandcastle building/sand sculpturing and a beach scavenger hunt....

...followed by watching the sun set.

Total Cost - just around $20 for the whole night!

I'd love to see what variations you come up with for your next date night. :-)

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  1. That is hilarious, but a really neat idea.


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