Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week 36

Just got back from the pool!
How far along?  36 weeks.

Baby is the size of:  A honeydew melon.

Maternity clothes?  Yep... sleeveless = happiness right now.

Rings on or off?  Off...

Sleep:  As M would say, "meh".  I never realized how hard it would be to turn over in bed with a bowling ball attached to your abdomen. Sort of.  You get the idea. And why is it that I'm always turned the wrong way when the alarm goes off?  It sort of annoys me that it takes so long for me to turn over and turn the alarm clock off. Beat it into submission is more like it some mornings.

Belly Button:  Really outie.

Exercise: Does intent to exercise count?  I'm still sad I missed my swim on Monday!  At least I got to swim today.

Food cravings: Cinnamon coffee cake. Popcorn.  Basically, carbs... the things I'm not supposed to be eating right now.  Sigh.  Where's my peanut butter?  Oh, and grapes!

Movement: I think he's part kangaroo.

Best moment of the week:  Had a relaxing day off on Memorial Day!!

Fun fact:  In ancient Rome, there was a tradition that babies with dark eyes were caused by the moms eating mice.  The one time it's totally ok to not do as the Romans do, regardless of where you are.  Unless of course, you're a momma cat.

Symptoms:  Stretch marks... I think they're breeding... like mice... I find a new little one every day.  Feet are still puffy-ish and my blood pressure was the same this week as it was last week.  Not getting worse, but not getting better either.

Mood?  I'm tired of people.  Some days, I just want to close the office early and hang a sign on the door that says, "Happy employees, welcome.  Disgruntled employees, try back in a few months."

Blessings of the week: I didn't gain any weight this week!  Total weight gain so far = 32 pounds.  Also, I was able to find a great deal on brand new cloth diapers and other baby stuff on Craigs List - got about $600 or so worth of gear for $250!

I learned ...  So much practical information during my childbirth classes!  I'm sad they're over!

Looking forward to:  Being able to sleep on my tummy again.


  1. I think you're totally allowed to put that sign up on your office door. I mean, come on, your pregnant. And super yay about your Craigslist finds. I'll talk to you soon!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. :)

  2. if intent to exercise counts, then I am the exercising-est girl you've ever met! (But when it's hot and humid - better to play it safe and stay inside...) Love and miss you ! Momma


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