Saturday, June 8, 2013

Week 37

Not the most flattering view...
How far along? 37 weeks.

Baby is the size of: A quarter of a watermelon.

Maternity clothes?  Will I ever wear normal sized clothes again???? I'm starting to wonder.

Rings on or off?  Off, but I got them cleaned, so when I'm ready to wear them again, they'll be all nice and sparkly.

Sleep:  It's ok, at least I'm in a pattern of sleeping, waking, bathroom, sleeping... etc.

Belly Button:  Way out there.  Kind of like my dreams lately.

Exercise:  I wish.  I went to the pool early in the week, but got put on bed rest toward the end of the week, so not doing much right now.

mmm... watermelon...
Food cravings: Fresh grapes, strawberries and tomatoes. Potato chips and French onion dip.  Had the
produce, but talked myself out of the chips and dip.  By the way, have I mentioned lately how much I love guacamole?

Movement:  Got hooked up to the fetal monitor at my appointment Thursday.  He was moving around like crazy and you could hear his strong heartbeat all the way down the hall.

Best moment of the week:  Anniversary lunch date at Rodizio.  Amazing experience!

Fun fact: Nesting instinct usually kicks in around now....   hmmmm.... maybe that's why I suddenly want to clean the bathroom tile with a toothbrush.

Blessing of the week:  My Aunt Christian sent us this gorgeous quilt!  It's such a fun quilt and you can tell she put so much work into it! I can't wait for the baby to use it.  I'm sure he'll be mesmerized by all the fun prints and patterns.

Wicked cute quilt!
Symptoms:  Puffy feet

Mood?  A bit oversensitive. And worried, but trying my best to trust God to take care of me and my little guy!

Prayer request:  Please pray that my Dr. Appointment goes well on Monday.  My midwife is concerned that I'm developing pre-eclampsia, because of my blood pressure and some protein in my urine.  Had to do some tests on Friday to evaluate my kidney function and we'll meet again Monday to go over the results and decide what needs to be done, if anything.  I'm praying the tests indicate it's safe to wait to go into labor on my own.  Would appreciate your prayer with me on that!



  1. I am praying as requested-- give us an update, soon!!

  2. I'm praying for you both. And please let me know what the midwife says.


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