Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 29

How far along?  29 weeks.

Baby is the size of:  A buttercup squash.

Maternity clothes?  It was slightly depressing this week to find that I don't fit into any of my shorts and most of M's shorts are also too tight.  Yuck.  Apparently, my expanding hips and shifting hormones have shifted my saddlebags as well... :-)

Rings on or off?  On, except for Saturday.  It was so hot and humid, I couldn't get my ring on.

Sleep:  Not terrible.  Being away from my normal life stress this weekend was nice and I could definitely tell I slept better as a result.  Except for Saturday night/Sunday morning when a really loud clap of thunder made me jump... and the baby jumped (LITERALLY) as well.  He was all over the place kicking and squirming for over an hour after that. No more sleep for me!

Belly Button:  Hanging in there at half-n-halfie.

Exercise:  No actual "exercise" this week.  I did walk to and from work Monday-Thursday, then did a lot of walking on Friday at Ship Island (post coming soon!) and canoed upstream on Saturday.  So, that's something.

In case you were wondering, this is a buttercup squash
Food cravings:  Ice cream cone (sigh, didn't get one), fruit...especially citrus... and chocolate. Always chocolate.

Movement:  Feeling his kicks all the way around to the sides.  He's been really squirmy!

Best moment of the week: Weekend trip to Biloxi, Mississippi.  It was so nice to get out of town!  So relaxing!

Fun fact:  He's about 4 lbs. now... and he's packing on some fat under his skin; really plumping up!

Symptoms:  Itchy belly and dry skin (hands and lower legs, mostly).  Fatigue. And I think I'm wearing a path to the bathroom. 

Mood?  Wicked stressed at the beginning of the week.  A little emotional, but much better this weekend.

Blessings of the week:  Not having to do dishes or or make my bed for 3 days straight. :-) A little pampering goes a long way and was much appreciated.

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  1. Cute outfit, especially the necklace, and very cute mama.


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