Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week 31

How far along?  31 weeks.

Baby is the size of:  A pineapple

Maternity clothes?  Yay!! Went shopping with my mother-in-law and found 3 skirts for work, a dress, and a few tops.  Also got some nursing tops and a nightgown.

Rings on or off? Mostly on... except for Saturday.  It was so humid and my hands got puffy.  Seem to be back to normal today.

Sleep: Last night was rough... I have knots in my back and had a hard time getting comfortable.

Belly Button: M says it's officially an outie.  I say, not quite.

Exercise:  Pilates twice and walked on the treadmill once. 

Pineapple this week!
Food cravings:  Pizza.  And apple juice.

Movement: All over the place this week.  He mostly seems to be laying sideways and is long enough that I can feel his head on the left side of my belly and him kicking all the way over and around my right side.

Fun fact:  He's about 4 pounds this week and has fully developed senses.  His irises are even reactive to light at this point.

Symptoms:  Starting to have a hard time taking deep breaths.  And I can't get off the couch without help.  I think it's just too soft... The backache is worse this week.  I've been stretching a lot and trying to move around as much as I can.  I've also found that my skin is sensitive to something in my carpet - my hands and feet break out when I'm in contact with the carpet for more than a few minutes.

Best moment of the week: Baby shower!  Had great turnout... not to mention, a surprise!  M's parents flew down and surprised us at the shower.  Was not expecting that!

MIL and me at the baby shower

Mood?  Pretty good this week.  Less stress at work toward the end of the week helped.

Blessings of the week: Baby shower.  And my friend Sara's cloth diaper demo.  I learned  a lot from her experience.

Baby Shower:  We did a baby safari/jungle theme for the shower, since that's the nursery stuff I currently have.

MMMM! Good cake!

My stash of baby stuff is expanding!  We received so many useful (and cute!) things at the shower.  This baby is off to a good start.  We've got most of the basics now, just need to pick up a few more things before he arrives.

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  1. Yay! I'm glad the shower went well. Hopefully, Kevin's on his way home to get your package mailed. I'm glad the in-laws could surprise you too, that sounds like fun.


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