Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week 30

How far along?  30 weeks

Baby is the size of:  An English cucumber

Maternity clothes?  Ugg... can we not talk about clothes?

Rings on or off?  Hurray!  Finally something that HASN'T expanded yet.  That would be my ring finger, by the way.

Sleep: Not too bad, between multiple trips to the bathroom

Belly Button: Almost an outie...

Exercise: I wish.  My midwife recommended an iron supplement to help with the sluggishness.  I've been too wiped out the last week or so to do any kind of exercise beyond walking to/from work.  Hopefully the energy improves enough that I can work out again soon.

Food cravings:  BEEF.  It's what I really want for dinner.  And molasses.  And raisins.  And garlic bread.

Check it out! He's this long!
Movement: He gets really quiet for a few hours at a time.  Just when I start to freak out a little, thinking he's not moving enough, he wakes up and starts jumping around and I sigh with relief.  Funny story.... He doesn't like the heart monitor - my midwife was listening to his heartbeat at my appointment this week and he literally kicked her hand off my stomach. She asked if he gets his attitude from M.  I laughed and said, "According to M, he gets his attitude from me." LOL

Best moment of the week:  Italian food with M last night.  YUM - garlic bread!

Symptoms: REALLY tired and sluggish.  Headaches off and on.  Hot all the time - thank goodness for fans!

Mood?  Cranky, short-tempered.

Blessings of the week: I was given the opportunity for less stress at work.  Another department needs help with preparing for summer camps, so I'm going over there to help out for 30 hours a week starting next week. Hurray!

I learned ... That stress and anxiety in labor can not only cause your labor to stall, it can also cause it to regress (like, go from being dilated 8 cm to dilated 4 cm).  Weird, huh?

Looking forward to:  Baby shower next week!


  1. So much to tell you. I bought him some presents for the shower; hopefully I can get them in the mail this week. (Remind me to tell you a funny story about my other nephew asking me who the presents were for.) K recently found this thing at Walmart that might help with your being hot all the time. It's called a cooling towel, and it was just a few dollars. He found it in (I think) the sports section, and it was on clearance. You just dampen it and it really stays cool for a long time. Just an idea that might help for when you're at home or trying to sleep. For the headaches, you might be able to use some essential oils for relief (depending on how sensitive your nose has gotten). Geranium and peppermint (not together) are both supposed to help with headaches. Bath & Body might have some aromatherapy with them, or you could check a health store. I know you don't want to take anything, so this might be a good, drug-free alternative. I think that's all for now. Love you and hopefully talk to you tomorrow!

  2. I'm SO looking for that towel next time I'm at walmart. Thanks for the headache suggestions! Will try that out!!!

    Miss you!


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