Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week 22

How far along? 22 weeks

Baby is the size of: A papaya (approximately 11 inches)

Maternity clothes? Mom sent some new maternity tops, including a nursing cami... that'll come in handy later.  Thanks, Mom!

Sleep:  Iffy... The trees are in full bloom and my sinuses are draining... yuck... one perk of sleeping in my "recliner" - I can breathe better!

Belly Button:  Innie... still... but it's getting really shallow.  Weird.

Exercise:  I was a good kid and did pilates 3 days this week, plus power walked on the treadmill for at least 20 minutes 3 days.   I haven't been feeling all that great because of the stuffy head and runny nose, so I took it easy toward the end of the week. 

Food cravings:  Buttery garlic bread.  And bacon.

Movement:  He's a night owl... He likes to kickbox around bedtime.

Best moment of the week:  My co-worker was very kind and gave us a crib, changing table/dresser, and a bedding set.  Yay!  The changing table/dresser needs a little work (the top needs to be stripped and re-finished and a track for the drawer needs to be re-installed), but for free? Yes, we can handle the minor repairs.

Fun fact: A papaya seems huge!  But, this is a visual reminder of how big the baby  is stretched out to full length.

This week, he continues to develop taste buds, and has a regular sleeping/waking pattern.

Also, his eyelashes and eyebrows have formed, but they don't have pigment yet - so, no idea if he'll be blond or brunette!

Symptoms: Thirsty-ness and headaches.  Although, the headaches may be a result of the sinus congestion.  Thank you, allergies.

Mood?  Stressed at work, but trying to breathe deeply and be calm. Life will go on.  Weepy... I just randomly cried last night while talking about happy things.  M's like, "why are you crying?" And I honestly didn't know.  That was weird.

Blessings of the week:  I borrowed a book from a friend.  It's about each person being uniquely designed by God to accomplish His purpose.  It's been very inspiring to realize I do have a spot out there where my unique skills, abilities and personality will be an asset to God's plan.  I just need to follow God's direction and find that spot!

The other big blessing of the week was Friday's date night in with M.  He made me a fabulous dinner and treated me to an at home spa night, complete with foot soak, foot rub, and neck massage.  He's so good to me!

I learned ... I ordered several books on pregnancy, childbirth, labor, post-partum and infant care.  I got 4 of them in the last 2 days and immediately started reading.  So far, I've made it halfway through the first book and it's given me a LOT to think about... I've started the rough draft of my birth plan, which I will add to and update as I learn.  More about that in future posts!


  1. So I have a random question. Are you buying (and eating) the fruit you picture or just posing with them?

  2. I buy and eat them. It's been fun to try a bunch of new fruits/veggies! The papaya was good, just not as sweet as I was imagining. Kind of melon-y, really.

    A few times, we couldn't find the right fruit, but that was mostly at the beginning when a lot of things were out of season. Now that it's warming up, I'm finding it easier to locate the fruit/veggies I need for photos each week.


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