Saturday, March 9, 2013

Date Night: Fire + Ice Theme

I came across a cute ice themed date night idea here.  I was inspired to tweak the idea and make it a "Fire and Ice" theme for us.  It turned out well and we had a good time!

I printed off some clues (word puzzles) onto 4x6 cards - I gave M a card before each part of our date and he had to solve the puzzle before we went on.  The puzzles were really simple, just some clip art that stood for each word, so he solved them really quickly.  Except for the last puzzle... he had a hard time figuring out what "ice cubes + old lady in glasses + movie reel" meant.  So finally, I just let him open up the Netflix envelope and see what movie it was (Ice Age).

Part 1:  Dinner
The most important part! :-)  We started our date off at Firehouse Subs.  Yum!

I had a grilled veggie sub and an Honest Tea.  M had the Smokehouse Beef and Cheddar Brisket and Salt+Vinegar chips.  Hit the spot, I'm telling you.

Part 2:  Ice Hockey game

The home team (Ice Flyers) was playing a team called the FireAntz.  I thought it was fitting for our theme.

Action packed game, too.  We were really fortunate to score second row seats, on the aisle!  There were at least 6 fights, a bunch of penalties, and the score was very close.  The teams were especially scrappy during the second period.

The FireAntz kept the Ice Flyers' goalie working hard.  Here he is during a timeout taking a breather.

 Action shot!

My hot date!

On the way in to the game, we passed a couple wearing costumes. She was Catwoman and he was Captain Kirk.  We were like, "huh?" Turns out, it was Superhero and Star Wars night.  Guess that one guy figured his character at least was from something star related.  I could have passed on seeing the 40-something pudgy batman later in the game, though.  Completely in costume, including the tights. Yikes. 

Final Score:  6-5, Ice Flyers.

Part 3:  Dessert
I adapted a crockpot lava cake recipe and came up with these minis.  They were SO good topped with some homemade vanilla custard ice cream.  If you'd like to try them out yourself, check out my recipage here for more details.

Ooey Gooey chocolatey center.... mmmm....

Part 4:  Movie
Of course, we couldn't go straight to bed on full stomachs, so we watched Ice Age: Continental Drift (the 4th installment).  I hadn't seen this one yet, so I got it on Netflix just for our date.

It was pretty funny, but I still prefer the first one.  My favorite parts always involve Scrat trying to get an acorn.

This date night is easily adaptable.  You could just do a fire theme, or just an ice theme.  Instead of going to a hockey game, you could go ice skating, or play air hockey.   The possibilities are endless!

The most important part is to have fun and spend quality time together.  Try your own version - I'd love to hear about it!

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