Saturday, March 2, 2013

30 Before 30 Update: February 2013 Edition

I met my 30 Before 30 goal of reading 1 fun book and 1 educational/devotional book this month.

I read these two books this month:

1.  Further Chronicles of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery.  This is the sequel to the fun book I read last month.  It's another collection of short stories about life on Prince Edward Island.  I fell in love with many of the characters; they were so endearing!  My favorite story was, "The Brother Who Failed".  It's a moving story about what the true measure of success should be.  I found it interesting that this book was published without L.M. Montgomery's knowledge or permission.  Apparently, all the stories that appear in this volume were rejects - stories she did not feel were worth publishing.  I will admit, I didn't care for a few of the stories, but the book is still worth the read.

2.  Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado.  This is an excellent book!  I've been so inspired and encouraged by Lucado's words.  Where is my "sweet spot"? It was so freeing to realize that I'm not defective, I'm don't have to be something I'm not.  Instead, I can serve God best simply by identifying, developing and using the skills, interests, abilities and experiences He has given me.  If you're struggling to find "your spot" - the place you feel you fit, I would encourage you to pick up this book.

I finally decided on a quilt pattern... this applique quilt.  (Although this quilt came in a close second!)  I'm using a combination of green, brown, white, and aqua prints.  I'm looking for graphics to use for appliques next - I plan to do frogs and lily pads. I'll post pics of my progress next month! 

Also this month, I did a healthier upgrade of 1 recipe in my Recipe File, Banana Bread.  1 down, about 50 to go... :-)

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  1. I am glad you enjoyed the Max Lucado! I am giving serious consideration to the Montgomery book when I have time:)


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